Adaptive Game-Based Learning


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How It Works

The Game

Coda Quest is an immersive educational game designed to give kids a unique and fun learning experience. The game is an enchanting adventure where kids play as wizard heroes “battling” evil, yet cute, monsters that try to disrupt the magical world.

The Courses

Questions and educational videos are baked into game play, creating an engaging environment for kids to study and learn new topics. All the learning content is packaged into courses in which parents can purchase. Schools and educators can also input their content into Coda Quest and deliver their material in a fresh way.

The WebApp and Learning Engine

An adaptive learning engine, named lightbulb, takes the selected courses and personalizes the learning experience by adapting the questions to each child’s learning level. The webapp takes the question responses and compiles them into real-time reports for parents and educators to keep them in the loop.


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