Realizing potential through gamified learning

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Education should be:






We Deliver Educational Courses…

Accelerate your kid’s learning from a large selection of online courses packed with practice questions and video lessons in Math, English, Science, and Coding!

We’re always expanding our content library to provide you with more subjects and topics for your kid’s future.

Through a Game!

Your kids learn when they’re having fun! We deliver the courses you and your kids love through a 3D adventure game called Coda Quest!

Find out how our gamified learning experience helps motivate K-8 kids to learn!

See Coda Quest

Our Technology is Adapted for Success!

Coda Quest is integrated with an adaptive learning engine that personalizes each player’s unique learning path by adapting the topic and difficulty level of questions that is delivered to them. This helps them progress in a way where their potential can be realized.

And You Get Reports!

Easily stay informed on how your learners are doing with analytics and reports sent right to your finger tips!

Keeping track is just that easy!

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