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We Deliver YOUR Educational Courses and Content…

Accelerate kids’ learning by delivering your selection of online courses, practice questions and video lessons through a fun and engaging platform!

We’re always looking to partner with more content providers to deliver more subjects and topics that will help create life-long learners.

Through a Game!

Kids learn when they’re having fun! By delivering your content through our gamification platform, you are working with the highest quality games that are designed to significantly increase engagement and learning time.

See why Coda Quest is the most engaging educational experience in the market today!

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Our Technology is Adapted for Success!

Edcoda is powered by adaptive learning technology that optimizes the difficulty and question types to each individual learner.

By using our platform, you are leveraging our technology to not only make your courses engaging, but adaptive as well!

And You Get Reports!

Easily stay informed on how your learners are doing with analytics and reports sent right to your finger tips!

Keeping track is just that easy!

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